17 months

My adorable baby continues to not look like a baby any longer! Each and every day he learns something new and moves father and father away from baby and closer to kid.

Our latest accomplishment is growing teeth!  We now have 10 of them and are working on one more.  Our set include four front teeth on the top, three teeth in the front on the bottom (working on the fourth) and three molars!  The molars came out of nowhere and have now explained the recent night wakings and crabbiness. 

Eliel still does not talk but is making an effort to make different sounds.  We are very close to saying bug and bus but they both sound very similar.  They are distinct differences in words like duck, truck, ball, and dog but Adam says they don't count as words yet.  Eliel is doing a great job at parroting though and can repeat may sounds back to you. It's just a matter of time before he's repeating everything... (uh oh Grandpa! :)

We have not taught Eliel any new signs other than 'stairs' in the hope that he will try and use verbal language instead of sign language.  In all honestly, he doesn't really need any other signs right now anyway!  I am in the process of teaching him stairs so that he learns how to ask when he wants to go upstairs.  He's quite good at climbing but many times, as Adam and I are cleaning up from breakfast or dinner, Eliel will take the moment to scurry up the stairs.  The only reason we know he's up there before we look for him is because he starts to giggle. (knowing he did something he wasn't suposed to!)

Another new thing we have implemented is 'time out'.  Let's face it. Eliel is cute but he's a stinker and he knows how to push the envelope.  So, instead of letting things get out of hand, he now has time outs.  He always gets at least one firm warning and time outs only last 1 minute.  (Experts usually recommend a minute for each year in age hence why we're using 1 minute).  Out time out space is on the bottom stair.  We chose this because we figured that many of the places we visit, (others' houses) all have stairs and it would be a universal place to have a time out.  The only exception is when Eliel needs a time out in his high chair.  Then, we simply turn it around and face him away from the table.  Auntie Katie thinks it's funny when this happens. :)  Eliel deals well with his timeouts and even stay seated on the stair even though he can get up.  He always seems to need a timeout right before Mommy needs to leave the house though....

I know I say it all the time but Eliel continues to amaze me each day with everything he is able to do and accomplish.  From what I hear, it's about to get very interesting with this little guy.  Can't wait!