4th of July

Although it was a three day weekend, it seemed like it was shorter than normal.  Our 4th of July weekend was filled with lots of fun family time!
The morning of the 4th we went to the parade.  In our town, you have to put your blanket down the night before if you want a seat near the street.  We were lucky enough to sit behind a very nice group of families that was all too eager to pass their candy back to Eliel as the parade came through.  One mom even asked for an extra ball that the library was passing out and handed it back to Eliel.  He was all too consumed with the trucks, balloons and people walking by to care though!  He sat for over an hour and watched as the floats came on by.  Unfortunately, this is the only activity I took pictures at during the weekend though so you'll have to deal with lots of writing for this post.

We did not go and see any fireworks this year.  By us, they all start too late.  Eliel lives and dies by his schedule so we figured it wasn't worth messing it up;  especially in case he didn't like the fireworks.  We'll definitely be taking him to see some next year though! 

On Saturday, Adam played in a 3 v 3 soccer tournament at the local fair.  I stayed home with Eliel for the first few games while he napped and then we went to the fair to watch Daddy play.  Since we live so close to the fair, Eliel and I were able to catch the festival bus instead of driving or walking.  I truly think this is one of Eliel's highlights of the weekend.  He got to go on the bus three more times that weekend and would yell 'buh' 'buh' every time we'd see it turn the corner.  (I know, I know, he yells 'buh' for everything.  But at least he was close with 'bus'!)

At the fair, Eliel got to pet some sheep, a goat, a cow and a llama!  He thought it was funny when the goats would eat the kibble out of his hand.  He giggles the same way when Nugget does it!  Eliel also got to each some gelato and cheese fries at the fair.  At first, he wasn't a fan of the spicy cheese but then realized how good was it and kept eating more. 

Eliel didn't go on any rides since he didn't seem too interested.  He was more apt to want to go play on the swings at the park which is there year round... go figure.  We listened to a steel drum band but since there wasn't much movement or 'entertainment' as they were playing, he lost interest in a few minutes. 

This little guy just keeps getting more fun to hang out with!  It supposed to be another great weekend weather-wise so I'm sure we'll be out on another adventure!