Go Ponies!

Arlington Park Racetrack
This weekend we took Eliel to the Arlington Park Racetrack to watch (and bet) on the horses. I think he was more impressed with the tractors that drag the track, but I guess that's understandable when there's three of them out there at a time!
Eliel wore his 'lucky duck' shirt and it brought Daddy a lot of luck!  After 8 races, Daddy left with more money than we came with.  Okay, it was less than $10 but we still had hours of fun and came out ahead!  What more can you ask for? :)
The best part of going to the racetrack on Sundays is because it's family day.  They have lots of activities (and it's all free!) for the kids such as pony rides and games but what Eliel loved most was the petting zoo!  We've taught his how to correctly feed Nugget (holding your hand like a plate so you can't get bit!) and he is able to transfer that idea when feeding other animals too.  Grandpa bought him a cup of feed but Eliel thought it would be more fun to just dump the cup over.  In his defense, that's how we feed Nugget his dinner so I guess he was doing the 'right thing'.  He sure had fun though!
He watched just about every race, especially the ones where the starting line was right in front of us.  He couldn't quite follow the horses around the track, but he was able to watch them on the large tv so that kept his occupied.  Every time the horses would finish racing, he would clap his hands and shout 'yay!'   Again, it was an extremely fun day!  If you've never been to the racetrack, you should definitely go. 

Fun with ponies