More cars and fishing

As summer continues, so do our busy days!

We've had lots of fun playing outside and Eliel is really starting to enjoy playgrounds; especially slides.  Now, when we take a walk after dinner, we have to avoid the park unless we're going to allow him to play.  Otherwise we get a grunt and a firm point towards the park. (And it usually ends in tears!)

Eliel got to sit in another sports car this past weekend.  We were inside the house and when he heard the engine outside, he made his car noise (vroom, vroom) and pointed to the door.  Adam's Uncle Rick had brought his Camaro and Eliel just had to go and see it.  He of course wanted to sit in it and the smile on his face shows just how much he loved it! Hopefully his cute little face will help him score a car when he's sixteen because I think he's going to be begging us based on the way he can't get enough of them already. (I probably should have taken a picture of the outside of the car too so all you car guys can see it. It's beautiful!)

Today, Eliel got to go fishing for the first time with Grandpa.  I wasn't there but I can tell you that they both had tons of fun!  Eliel enjoyed touching the fish, but I head he enjoyed playing with the worms even more.  (Such a boy!)  He loves playing with the mealworms we feed our bearded dragon so I guess it's not surprising he'd want to play with these too.  I'm sure there is much more fishing in this boy's future!
Ooo look! A fish!

Feels slimy....