No longer a nursery

Well, the time has come for Eliel's room to transform from a nursery into a toddler's bedroom.  It's  been a slow process for those of you that have been around here but for those of you who haven't it probably looks a whole lot different from our original nursery post from before Little E was born. 
The one major change the forced a lot of furniture movement was the addition of a train table.  Although he's a bit young to actually play with the trains correctly, he enjoys playing with them nonetheless.  Adam's parents came across an amazing opportunity from a cousin who had a friend who was selling the train table and all the trains at an unbelievable price and so they were kind enough to pick it up for Eliel.  It looks almost brand new and came with a ton of track and train pieces.  I'm sure when he's older and understand more he'll want pieces we don't have but it was truly a blessing to be able to receive such a gift!
In addition to the train table, we also have hung a white magnetic board in Eliel's room so that he can use it to play on.  He likes playing with magnetic letters and number and also these really cool magnetic gears we got from Lakeshore Learning.  They say 3 years and up but Eliel has been playing with them since he was 14 months old.  He first started playing with them at the library and he loved them so much we just knew we had to get him a set of his own.  He doesn't actually put them together yet, but has a blast making them spin really fast!  He also loves playing with his cars on the cityscape rug we got him for his birthday.  He says 'vroom vroom' as he drives them around on the roads.
The rest of his room consists of a toy chest that was originally Adam's (we repainted it), a box of Legos, a box of Mega Blocks and various other cars, trucks and toys he plays with.  He's also really into his Little People Farm play set he got for his first birthday.  We keep that downstairs though since there are enough toys in his room already!
The best part about his room is that he now likes to go in there and play independently.  As long as one of us is upstairs with him, he will play by himself for 10-30 minutes.  Once in a while he will come check in to make sure I'm still around but he usually goes right back to playing.  He's growing up too fast!