Splash pad

Today, we took Eliel to a splash pad.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a water park that has no standing water but lots of sprinklers, sprayers and fountains.  It's great for little kids because they can't drown in any water and the surface is a mushy, rubber one so there's no chance of burning feet or getting hurt when you fall.  I've been wanting to take Eliel to one all summer but with the chilly weather, there really hadn't been an opportunity. So, since the weather turned really hot this weekend, we decided it would be a good time to take him. 

Although Eliel loves to play with water, he was quite nervous to play in the sprinklers at the splash pad.  It seemed like he was uncomfortable getting water in his face but I'm not sure what it was exactly.  I just signed him up for swimming lessons at Chicago Swim School so he better get used to water in his face!  He was also very clingy and had no desire to play with the other kids.  I'd love to think it's because Adam and I are such fun parents but I'm kind of worried that it's because he's an only child that has a stay at home Mommy.  :( We might have to work on fixing that with some park district classes this fall.
I like this little fountain much better
Once Eliel got a little more comfortable at the splash pad, he seemed to have some fun (but only if Mommy or Daddy was within five feet).  He was very fond of the small fountains that were predictable.  Some of the other sprayers would turn on and off at random times and he wasn't too thrilled with those.  There was also a bucket that would slowly fill up and when it was full, would dump over.  Since it would do so without warning, Eliel seemed to keep an eye on it no matter where we were in the park.
Where's the water?

 He also refused to keep his hat on the entire time.  Luckily, he seems to have Daddy's skin coloring and has yet to get burned this summer at all.  He even has a tan line on his feet from his sandals which you can kind of see in the picture above. 
All in all, I'm glad that I waited this long to bring him to a splash pad.  It was fun, but I'm not sure he would have enjoyed it any more earlier in the summer.  I hope I get the chance to maybe take him back one more time this summer before the weather changes.  Maybe he'll be more comfortable the second time around. 

On a side note, Eliel turned 18 months old on Friday!  I will be posting pictures and info just as soon as we see the pediatrician this week!