Weekend in Wisconsin

Eliel's first trip to Wisconsin was lots of fun!  We went to Portage to visit Adam's Aunt Paula and Uncle Steve.  They built a log cab home on their property a few years back and although we had seen it once while it was in the process of being built, we wanted to go see the final product.  Plus, it's a great excuse for a weekend getaway!
This was also the first vacation that we took Eliel and Nugget.  It truly was like having two kids!  Whew!  Nugget just loves being at the cabin since he has lots of grass to run around in.  Eliel also thought it was funny to watch Nugget go crazy out there. 
Aunt Paula and Uncle Steve's neighbor has cows which were the highlight of Eliel's trip.  Although the idea of seeing them in the pasture was fun enough, we were treated to a tractor ride into the pasture to see them up close.  Eliel was in awe!  Not sure which was more fun, the tractor or the cows! As we got closer he would moo at the cows.  Too cute!
Look at those hay bales!

Whoa!  says Daddy

A very intent look as we approach the pasture...

There were many baby calves in the herd but still quite a few big cows.  As we approached they all stared at us.  The farmer told us that they never get close enough to let you touch them, but that they would get curious and come close.  Well they sure did!

Daddy and Eliel at the farm
As we started to get back into the tractor to leave, Eliel started crying... quite loudly.  He was quite upset that we were leaving the cows.  Well, the next morning, as we were playing outside with some airplanes Aunt Paula bought Eliel, he took off down the driveway and walked Adam the 1/4 mile down the road back to the cows.  The little guy not only remembered where they were, but how to get there!  Little stinker!  He led Adam right back to the barn.  This time luckily, the cows were much nearer to the fence and we could see them without going into the pasture.  Eliel mooed at the for a while and Nugget ran like a wild man through the tall grass.  But soon, it was time to head back for some lunch.  I'm sure Eliel will remember where the cow pasture is the next time we head up there!

 We had a wonderful time getting lots of fresh (cow scented) air and visiting with family! Wonder where our next adventure will be!