19 months

We are now 19 months old!  Is it time to stop giving monthly updates on him then? Maybe so but since he's become so 'grown-up' lately, I figured it can't hurt to take a moment and tell you what he's been up to.

Still not lots of talking but we do say lots of words.  Some of them are only detectable by Mommy and Daddy but we do know what he's trying to say!  Eliel can say ice, egg, bug, ball, Dada, Mama, Papa, GG (great-grandma), hot, duck, bus, and lots of animals sounds.  There are many more words he can say but at the moment, I'm drawing a blank.  We have also dropped many signs and use sounds or words in place.  He communicates with us very well, just not always in the traditional talking way.  Eliel also understand things VERY well.  He can complete simple directions like, picking something up, going to get an object and bring it back, cleaning up toys, and doing one thing before he can do something else.  We're working on 'waiting' right now which is obviously hard for a toddler but he's trying.

Eliel is doing very well with his utensils  and has become very independent at meal time..  He can use a spoon and fork pretty much by himself.  It's a little messier than if someone helps him but it usually all stays on his tray so it's an easy cleanup.  It's so nice to be able to eat my dinner while he's eating his instead of helping him and then trying to finish mine in a hurry. 

Eliel is infatuated with everything that's motorized.  Cars, planes, trains, buses and trucks.  If it has an engine in it, he loves it.  He even gets excited by the mailman's little truck!  We spend many days watching the garbage men and even following them around the block!  Our across the street neighbor has grandson's who loved trucks and she gave us some of their old trucks they used to play with in the sand box.  Eliel absolutely loves them and will play for almost a half hour on his own with them.  He makes sounds, moves them around and when they fall off the edge of the table, he yells 'boom'!  It's quite funny to watch.
Going along with that, Eliel just LOVES Daddy's bug.  He's even gone so far as to now say Dada Bug since he's seem so many others.  Now we just have to get him to say Grandpa Bug! Eliel went with Daddy and Grandpa to a bug show yesterday.  I didn't go because I was volunteering with Nugget but from the pictures, it looks like they had a blast.  I'm sure they heard Eliel say bug only 500 times in a few hours, too.