Swim Lessons

Eliel has been taking swim lessons at Chicago Swim School for a few weeks now.  He has become much more comfortable in the water and actually wants to get in when we get there!  That's a huge change from the last time we took swim lessons at the park district.  I don't blame him though.  That pool was COLD!  This pool is kept at 89 degrees at all times.  It's nice and warm at all times!  And I should  know, I work there! :P  Check me out!

Anyway, we missed a class last week due to vacation so we were able to schedule a make-up class yesterday evening.  That means, Daddy got to go and watch us in the pool!  (I also made him take pictures)  So, here's a little bit of what swimming with Eliel looks like.

Motorboat, motorboat

Under the waterfall with our teacher, Liz

Mommy taking Eliel underwater

Yay for swimming!
Blowing bubbles

One of the big things we are learning in class is how to blow bubbles.  Sounds like a trivial task but it's not easy for kids to willingly put their faces in the water and blow (instead of inhale).  It's also one of the first things we teach kids at swim school in order for them to learn breath control.  It helps with every other skill in swimming including floating and strokes.  Hopefully, Eliel will enjoy being in the water and will be safer around water since he'll know how to save himself should he fall in!
Eliel thinks it's hilarious when I blow bubbles and he will sign 'more' when I stop doing it.  So, I spend much of his swim class with my face in the water. Hopefully soon he will start mimicking me!