Trucks, Planes and Bugs, Oh My!

On Saturday went to the Chicago Executive Airport to see some of their planes they had on exhibit.  When we got there, Eliel was delighted to see that not only were there planes, but firetrucks too!  What a morning this was going to be!

We spent most of the morning running around the airstrips from plane, to helicopter to firetruck and back again.  I was tired just watching him.  He has a blast though and took a nice long nap once we finally got home.

Just waking the runway...


Fun in the firetruck

Then, after that exhausting morning, we all went to a VW Bug show in Mt. Prospect.  Eliel spent a lot of time making his 'vroom vroom' noises.  Since it was VW night, he also was going crazy seeing bugs everywhere.  Every time we would turn around, there would be another bug.  I truly think he said 'buhg' about fifty times in a matter of an hour.  It was too cute and too fun!  What a day!