Zoo with Cat

Auntie Cat that is!  Eliel and I got to go to Brookfield Zoo with Auntie Cat as she is home on vacation for awhile.  Eliel is always surprised when he first sees Auntie Cat.  We think it's because he confused as to how she's come out of the computer! (We typically Skype with Catherine so Eliel is used to seeing her on the computer screen).

Lucky for us, the zoo was completely empty.  It was so nice!  We were able to get up close to many animals and didn't have to 'wait our turn' in order to get close to the enclosures. Eliel insisted on walking everywhere but always insisted on holding Auntie Cat's hand.   It was really cute to see them walking together.  Wish I would have gotten a picture of it. 

We started out seeing some of Auntie Cat's favorite animals: zebras and giraffes.  Because it was earlier in the morning, we were treated to most of the animals being very active. The giraffes were busy munching away on their breakfast and Eliel made sure to say 'num num num' as he watched them. 

We moved on to see some bears and were treated to a polar bear playing in a pool.  They have new(er) underwater viewing so we got to watch the polar dive down and pick up objects from the bottom and bring it to the top.  Cat and I were enthralled with it, but Eliel didn't think it was anything special and pointed towards the exit.  We did get to see a grizzly bear right next to the glass.  So cool!  He was so BIG!  Eliel was a little too nervous that the glass wasn't thick enough between him and the bear and wouldn't go anywhere near it.
Later, we made our way to the arctic aquarium where they also have penguins.  Daddy would have loved it because the penguins were right up next to the glass!  We also got to see the newest baby that was born a day before Eliel's first birthday.  He's the one with the gray feathers in the picture.

We even gave Auntie Cat (and Eliel) a surprise in the penguin house.  Surprise!

Such a fun day!