Fall Fun and the Fire Station

We were treated to such wonderful fall weather this weekend that we just had to  get out and enjoy it!  (Especially compared to the weather we've had the last two days) Plus, Auntie Katie had off so she came with making it even more fun.

Our town had a fire station open house as well as a harvest festival and so we took Eliel to both.  Betchya can guess which one he liked more! :)  At the firehouse, he got to sit in the brand new ladder truck and was all smiles as Auntie Katie lifted him into the driver's seat. 
They had all of the vehicles out of the garage and Eliel was in heaven.  His little head couldn't turn fast enough to look at everything.  He also received a fireman's hat which we have been wearing every day since.  We even had to wear it out yesterday when we went to the store. (He wore it with his yellow raincoat and I should have taken a picture because he looked so cute!)  There was also popcorn, games and Sparky the robotic firehouse dog.  Eliel was a little leery of Sparky because he was talking and moving all around.  Wonder who he gets that from? :) 
Eliel got to 'practice' staying low away from smoke in the tube, although he just thought it was like the tube he plays at at the playground!  We also watched a fireman repel down a rope that was dangling from the ladder tower.  It got me nervous just watching him!  Eliel was not impressed, of course.

After visiting the fire station, we walked over to the harvest fest in downtown.  There we were able to pet some goats, decorate a pumpkin and take a hayride!  Our pumpkin decorating skills need some work but there's time before Halloween to work on that. 

Auntie Katie was brave enough to take Eliel into the petting zoo and had to help him stay standing as some of the goats inadvertently knocked him over as they ran around looking for handouts.  One of them also thought Auntie Katie's sweater might be a nice snack and gave a little taste.  Finally, we took a quick ride around the block on a hay ride!  Eliel was mesmerized by the fact that the horses were pulling us!