Finger Painting

I had this brilliant idea to have Eliel finger paint his pumpkin since he's way too young to carve it nor can he even tell Adam want he'd want carved.  I wanted him to do his own pumpkin (what was I thinking?!?).  So, I made (yes made) finger paints for Eliel.  He hasn't finger painted yet and I wasn't sure if he was going to eat the paint or not so I wanted to be sure I gave him something safe.  The recipe uses cornstarch so if he ate any, it wouldn't make him sick.  The paints came out a great color and upon seeing them, Eliel was very excited to get started.

So, get started we did!  At first, Eliel was a little apprehensive about sticking his fingers in the paint.  I should mention that this little toddler HATES having his hands dirty.  However, once he got the hang of it, he was scooping the paint out of the containers.  It ended up in globs on the pumpkin.  So, Adam washed off the pumpkin and we tried again. After three washes of the pumpkin, we decided to say heck with it and just let him make a mess.  The pumpkin is currently undecorated or carved (although I'm working on fixing that!). 

Eliel had a blast though so we will definitely be doing some finger painting more often, especially now that the weather won't allow us to go outside as often.  He's finally starting to get into arts & crafts type activities so I'm thinking it might be a good thing to ask Santa for for Christmas!