Train Ride

Adam and I needed to buy a train ticket for Sunday and since the fare is good all weekend, we decided to take Eliel on a train ride Saturday.  It's no secret that he loves trains and he was extremely excited when we told him we were going to go on a train.  I've never seen him want to put his jacket on so badly!

We went to the station just after nine and unfortunately, the train was late so we were stuck standing in the cold for an extra 15 minutes or so.  But, once we were finally on the train, Eliel was mesmerized!  It was fun watching his little eyes dart back and forth as he watched the scenery fly by the window.

We rode the train for about 20 minutes in one direction, got off at a station, waited about 5 minutes, and jumped on a return train.  On the way back, we were treated to an empty car train and Eliel had a blast running along the aisle in the 'upstairs' portion of the rail car.  As you can see by the huge smile on his face, he had a lot of fun!  So did Daddy and Mommy!