21 months

So, it's been two months since I did our monthly update.  As much as I love doing them, I'm guessing you're all getting bored.  As cool as Eliel is (or at least I like to think so!) I'm sure getting a monthly update from an almost two year old isn't the highlight of your email checking.  So, I will start to do it every other month and once he does turn two, it will probably move to every four to sixth months.  But for now, here's the latest on our little man.

Eliel won't be going back to the doctor until he's two so we don't have any specific height or weight information.  I don't think he's getting much heavier but he is definitely getting taller!  He can now see up and over the top of the pack 'n play with no problem but thankfully has not tried to climb out yet.  He can also reach most of the drawers in the kitchen and can stand at the bathroom counter on his stool to brush his teeth with no problem.

Eliel has a much wider vocabulary; even more so since his last 'chatting' session.  He can repeat many words you ask him to including, yeah, hair, and even hohoho!  He likes making sounds of digust like ewww, yuck and blech.  Lately, his favorite word is 'go' and if you're driving in the car with him, you will hear it about ten times at every stoplight.  He has also dropped almost all of his signing.  He still signs words he can't say like airplane and water but other than that, he makes an effort  to say each word.  A lot of them are only decipherable to Adam and I but nonetheless, he's trying.

Eliel knows most typical colors and can identify them, although he can really only say blue and red. As you've seen, he can also count to three.  He loves counting for anything!  Since being at swim lessons, he has learned to love jumping in the water since he gets to count before doing so.  He has no fear when jumping though and will generally just 'fall' into the water so Mommy had better be ready to catch him!

Eliel has become a much better eater. We've started making him eat whatever we're eating for dinner (unless of course it's too spicy like chili or enchiladas).  He put up a fight for a day or two but now, he will generally eat what we're eating with a little persuasion.  For example, we will ask him to take ten bites of his dinner if he wants to eat blackberries or raspberries.  And so far, he will!  He has also started to eat some ground beef if I mix it in mostaccioli or her will have a small bite of hamburger.  He still won't touch chicken though!

The one thing about Eliel that I just absolutely love (and I know a lot of you all do too) is his laugh!  He has such an infectious laugh.  It's so hard not to want to tickle him all day just to hear it.  Even better is when he 'fake laughs' when he hears someone else laughing.  He is really showing his personality!  Things only seem to get better with this little guy!

Finally, the pictures are from an impromptu ride on Grandpa's bus over the weekend.  Eliel was picked up in front of the house on a big yellow school bus and driven around the neighborhood.  What a treat!  He was grinning from ear to ear! :)