Although this wasn't Eliel's first Halloween, it was the first Halloween that he was old enough to 'get it'. 

Eliel was Tweety bird although he was thrilled because he thought he was a duck!  We started off the morning by visiting GG (great-grandma) who had a big bag of goodies for Eliel including a toy truck (which he was thrilled with of course!)  I completely forgot to take pictures (how in the world did that happen?) with GG.  I even brought my camera but never brought it out. :(

Then, after a nice long afternoon nap, Daddy came home early from work and we all went out trick-or-treating despite the bitterly cold weather.  Eliel was very layered under his costume so I'm guessing he was warmer than Mommy and Daddy were.  Before leaving a bunch of kids showed up at our door so we showed Eliel how the whole trick-or-treating thing went.  Then, he proceeded to take out a piece of candy and put it in his pumpkin.  As we got to our neighbors house, he took out the piece of candy and handed it to her.  After the third house, he finally figured out how the whole thing worked and was all too eager to continue grabbing candy when someone offered him a bowl.  He would even sign 'thank you' after he put the candy in his pumpkin.  It was absolutely adorable, although I am a little biased!

Since it was so cold, we only went to about seven houses.  Had it been warmer, we would have done more.  In fact, as we walked home Eliel kept pointing that he wanted to continue. 
Not quite tall enough!
Check out my loot!

After getting home, Daddy showed Eliel how to check out the loot.  He was very excited about a red foil wrapped candy and chose to eat that piece after dinner.
 If you're looking at the actual blog, make sure you scroll down further to check out the difference between this year and last year's Halloween pictures!