Another train?!?

If Eliel could talk, I think he'd say that this Christmas thing gets better each day!  He had a blast 'helping' me decorate the day after Thanksgiving. With each box Adam brought up from the basement, Eliel would start to giggle.  Luckily, we only had one decoration 'casualty' from all the excitement.  Eliel found a large, red glass ornament VW bug that I had. He got so excited, he reached into the box to show me.  It was so large and heavy that it fell right at his feet and shattered. At least he no one got hurt! :(

Daddy also set up the train around the Christmas tree.  Eliel and I had seen one similar to it at Toys R Us earlier that day.  In fact, we stood and watched the train at Toys R Us for almost ten minutes! So, you can imagine the excitement when Daddy brought out our train. We typically watch the train for about ten minutes each day now!
As you can see in some of the pictures, Nugget has a love/hate relationship with the train.  He watches it go around and every once in a while, tries to eat it.  This is also very entertaining to Eliel.  :)

We had a very relaxing weekend which was great since it will probably not happen again until after the holidays.  We watched Santa arrive on a firetruck in Barrington over the weekend but Eliel had no desire to go and talk to him.  I'm still not sure if I'm going to make him or not... :)  Stay tuned!