Baking Cookies

Eliel's loves to eat cookies (who doesn't?) and was thrilled when he got the chance to bake them too!  Although his first try yielded some interesting looking cookies, they all tasted yummy!

Mommy made the gingerbread dough earlier in the day so after dinner, Daddy got to use the cookie cutters and decorate the gingerbread cookies with Eliel.

We started out giving Eliel some raisins to put on the gingerbread men Adam was cutting out for him.  At first, he did really well with following directions such as, 'put the raisins where the man's eyes are'.  Then, once he got the hang of it, raisins started appearing all over the gingerbread man.  One gingerbread man in particular is more raisin than gingerbread! :P

 I then gave him some other fun decorating items and he went to town on a few gingerbread dreidels, Christmas tress and stars.  He kept squealing from all the fun he was having.  The best part?  Eating them after they came out of the oven! Yum!