Daddy still had one more vacation day from work so we decided to go to the Museum of Science and Industry.  Considering that they have a whole transportation area with planes, cars and trains, plus a whole section on farming with tractors, we figured Eliel would be in heaven.  And boy were we right!  We just happened to walk in right next to the steam engine and Eliel just about died!  He made a really loud squeal sound and was pointing as hard as he could.  It was all totally worth it at that moment.

We of course started with the transportation exhibits.  Eliel was in awe of all the trains they had going.  I think his little head was spinning trying to keep track of all of them!

Eliel then pulled us over to the weather exhibit because he eyed the large weather balloon from afar.  Once we got closer, he was a little nervous since they were so big.  While walking around, we heard and then saw the Tessla coil.  They use it to simulate lightning.  Well, it's quite loud and somewhat frightening to look up and see it.  Eliel was a little apprehensive but surprisingly didn't cry. 

We also made it to the chick hatchery and although we didn't get to see any hatch, there were some new hatchlings that Eliel could have watched all day.  He gave out a few loud squeals when they would come close to the glass!

After walking around a few other exhibits, most which didn't impress Eliel too much, we went to go and see the German U boat.  It's quite impressive if you've never seen it.  Eliel was actually impressed too.  We spent a few minutes walking around and then Eliel asked to get back in the stroller so we knew it was time to leave.  Although we were way past his nap time, he unfortunately did not sleep in the car the entire ride home.  I think he might be the only toddler who doesn't.