Swim Lessons

Eliel has been taking swim lessons at Chicago Swim School since June.  Recently, at the start of a new session, Eliel switched from swimming with Mommy to swimming with Daddy.  Previously with Mommy, Eliel had had some issues with going underwater.  He would even start crying before we even walked into swim school.  But now, with Daddy, he loves it.  We're not sure if it's because he practiced so much with Mommy, or because he is more relaxed with Daddy.  Whatever the reason, he is loving it!

He will eagerly splash, kick or blow bubbles in the water when asked.  He also LOVES jumping in the water (probably because he gets to count before doing so) as you can see in the video below.  He also will calmly float on his back which was a huge struggle to get him to do when he was swimming with me.  I'm just happy he is happy (and safe!) in the water!