Fun in the snow

I know most of us don't think of snow as being fun, but we all did when we were kids.  And since Adam and I get to live out our childhoods again through Eliel, the snow that fell yesterday was fun!

It was the first time Eliel got to shovel and use the sled he received for Christmas from Papa and Gram.  He loved shoveling and just about shoveled off one entire section of the deck for us!  Unfortunately, he just put the snow on the lower part of the deck which we then had to shovel off anyway.  It kept him busy for a very long time though!

Sadly, he wasn't too thrilled about the sled.  When we tried it out with just his clothes on, he fit fine.  However, once  he became the abominable snowman with all of his outdoor gear on, he could barely fit in it.  Poor guy was sliding out every five seconds!  We did get a few smiles when he went down the sledding hill which is a block from our house.  I didn't bring my camera with me there though because I was afraid of dropping it or damaging it.  So, you don't get to see happy sledding pictures.  We might have to invest in a longer sled where Mommy or Daddy can sit with him!  In the end, none of it  mattered though.  Eliel just likes being outside and it was nearly impossible to get him to come back in.  It's going to be a long winter!