Birthday Fun

Eliel had a wonderful birthday (or at least I like to think so)!  We started out by taking the little birthday man to breakfast as it's one of his favorite meals to eat out.  He pretty much eats any and everything they bring out to us and loves being able to sample everything from everyone's plates.  Dinner food doesn't excite him as much so Daddy thought breakfast would be more fun.

After breakfast, we went to Sweet T's bakery to pick up his cake.  When ordering, Eliel told her he wanted trucks on his cake.  This was the cute result she came up with!  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Besides being cute, it tasted amazing!  Good things it's not any closer to our house or I would become a regular in there.

After his nap, we had a small birthday party with just immediate family.  We served some of Eliel's favorites: mac and cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs.  Yes, a very weird combination but besides the mac and cheese, the adults had the remaining items in a salad :)

After dinner, we had cake.  Eliel had been waiting all day for cake and was super excited to finally get to eat some.  He had lots of fun blowing out his candles; in fact we did it twice!  Eliel practically inhaled his cake which was much different from his first birthday party in which he barely even wanted to try it. I attribute it to the fact that he knew how to use a fork this time!  This kid still hates to get his hands dirty!

After cake, it was time for presents.  Since Christmas, Eliel definitely has a handle on opening gifts.  He received lots of fun gifts!  He got a toboggan sled so that Daddy can go down the hill with him, a big wheel for when it gets warmer outside (fingers crossed!) and a tent (which he plays in constantly) are just some of the larger items.  He also received fun underwear and gets excited each morning when we put on a 'new' pair.

Eliel had a blast on his birthday and despite all the excitement and going to bed late, he still graced us with his presence bright and early the next morning!