First Time Seeing the Ocean

Although Eliel has gotten to play in waves before, while on vacation in San Diego, he got to experience the ocean for the first time.  At first he wasn't impressed but loved all the 'ducks' that were running around in the waves.  Since he has started talking, taking him to the ocean opened up a whole new vocabulary for him!  He can now say ocean, waves, seagulls, and seals. 

The first day we were in San Diego, it was little on the cool side (only 60!) so we couldn't go in the water.  Eliel was content with running around and playing with the seagulls though.  He and Daddy pretended to feed the seagulls and he thought that was pretty funny.  We went to La Jolla Cove which is just north of San Diego.  At the cove, they also have thousands of seals.  So much so that they had to close part of the cove to humans because the seals were getting a little overbearing.  The smell of them is quite overbearing too!  It was fun to watch them climb all over the rocks and call to one another. 

Although Eliel had lots of fun at the ocean, he had no idea that he was going to get to play in it in a few days!