Officially... DDF!

We are officially daytime diaper free!  Since we got home from vacation, Eliel has been wearing underwear and only had one or two accidents.  And the accidents aren't even a huge mess, just an instance where he forgets to go but stops shortly after realizing it.
Although I have no reason to be, I am still a little nervous about bringing him places so I still put a diaper on him.  Although, it's a disposable pull-up and he thinks it's 'travel underwear' since that's what we brought with to San Diego.  He has yet to have an accident while out though.  It's always at home when he's playing and forgets to go potty (or Mommy forgets to remind him).  Eliel is so good at telling us that he has to go potty that he actually told Adam during swim lessons that he had to go.  Plus, when I ask him if he wants to wear a diaper, he gives me a cute little, 'nooooo'.  Woo hoo!
As for naps and nighttime, Eliel wakes up dry about 50% of the time. That's a-maze-ing in my book.  Many times, I think he wakes up dry but because he's still in his crib, he can't get out and go to the bathroom before I go to get him. So, our next big hurdle will be to  have Eliel sleep in a bed, not a crib.  However, I know what will result in a few sleepless nights for Mommy and Daddy so I'm holding off on that a little bit.  I think we'll try in summer when E is so tired he can't even stay awake! :)