Salk Institute

One of the things that Adam wanted to do while in San Diego was visit the Salk Institute.  It was built by a famous architect by the name of Louis Kahn and Adam had always wanted to see a building of his in person.  At first we were going to try to leave Eliel with Adam's aunt and go on the tour ourselves but in the end, we decided to bring Eliel with us.  He actually had a lot of fun and was extremely well behaved on the hour-long tour.

It was again a cloudy, damp day.  Everyone said the weather was 'bad' but we were perfectly content with the mild weather.  Although the Institute is an actual building, most of the tour was outdoors.  This actually worked out well for Eliel and I because it allowed us to roam away from the group a little more so we didn't distract those that wanted to hear the tour guide.  I mean, a cute little kid running around is hard to ignore when you're looking at a boring building! :P

As you can see from the pictures, the building is very unique.  Since I am not an expert by any means, I will let the picture do the talking!