Two years old

Although the last post was about Eliel celebrating his birthday, this one will focus on our most recent prediatrican visit as well as what Eliel can do at the age of twenty-four months.

When visiting the pediatrician on Monday, we found out that Eliel now weighs a whopping twenty-four pounds which places him in the seventeenth percentile.  His height is thirty-three inches and he's in the fourteenth percentile.  Meanwhile, his head is in the 59th pecentile.  Although he is not making up any growth from when he was an infant, he is still growing just fine.  In fact, the doctor said that he does not have to drink whole milk anymore, skim is just fine.  Maybe he'll start eating more since he won't be getting so full from his milk...

In terms of everything else, the doctor said Eliel is doing just fine.  Not that we expected any different, but it's still nice to hear.  The one area of slight concern is his posture.  Eliel appears to have knock knees but since it's winter and we all have to wear heavy clothes, you'd never be able to tell.  I tried to get a picture to show you but it's hard to get Eliel to hold still! :P  The doctor said that it is typically normal in toddlers and that they usually grow out of it by the time they're five or six years old.  It's just something we have to keep an eye on.

After the general check up, Eliel had to receive a blood test to test for lead and iron as well as a shot for Hepatitis A.  As the nurse came in, he crawled into my lap.  She placed the lancet on his finger.  The nurse and I waited for the crying to begin as she pricked his finger but to our surprise, there was none.  In fact, Eliel told me to move so he could watch the nurse milk the blood out of his finger.  She said he had good veins because the blood just kept coming!  Then, when it was time for the shot, I tried to distract Eliel but again, he wanted to watch.  As the nurse gave him the shot, he fliched at the quick poke and then looked at her like she was crazy.  Not a tear was shed.  He must take after Auntie Katie because he sure as heck doesn't get that from me!

In developmental news, Eliel is talking up a storm.  Remember when we wished he would talk. We take it back.  Eliel has a very wide vocabulary and if he hears a word he doesn't recognize, he will repeat it back to you; even if it's a word he shouldn't be repeating!  He also likes to put words together to form short sentences.  For instance, the other day he asked me 'go outside play snow?'  It's pretty amazing how much he has learned in such a short amount of time.  He has quickly surpassed some of his peers who began talking way before him.

Eliel is a typical toddler when it comes to eating.  One day, he will eat everything in sight.  The next day, he will eat almost nothing.  He still loves fruits and vegetables and has recently taking a liking to clementine oranges.  I think it's partly because he likes to peel them before he eats them.  He also has taken a liking to hard boiled eggs and peanut butter sandwiches both of which he can eat without cutting into pieces.  Some of his favorite foods continue to be tomatoes, blackberries and carrots and he still pretty much refuses to eat meat... unless it's on pizza.

Although he has hit the 'terrible twos' Eliel is far from being terrible.  He has learned how to communicate and I think this has saved us from many tantrums.  I can't believe our little guy is two years old.  As much as I miss having a little infant to take care of, I'm so excited to experience everything with his this year as he learns and grows!