First Week of Spring Fun

Guess I put my flag up a little too soon!
Okay, so if you live near us, you know that the first week of spring has been anything but.  Today, the temperature will not get above freezing.  Bummer.

Eliel has not been too affected by it and we have found some ways to have fun despite the disappointing weather. 

On Monday, we spent almost two hours outside.... playing in the SNOW.  :(  I was way more upset about it than Eliel was.  He had a blast!  I had already put away his snow coat for next year (cross your fingers it might still fit!) and had to dig around to find it.  We ended up with about 6 inches of snow and it was the really wet kind; perfect for building a snowman!  It was really cute and Eliel tried to help with rolling the balls.  Unfortunately, the snow man was completely melted by the end of the next day.  Then this morning, we woke up to another inch of snow on the ground.  Mother Nature is definitely mad at us!  Eliel has already asked if we can go out and play in the snow but I'm refusing to shovel it this time so I think we're going to stay inside.

On Tuesday, we hung out at the library for awhile and then headed Sweet T's bakery to decorate a cupcake!  Eliel was able to choose his cupcake, add frosting and all kinds of decorations.  It only took him a few minutes but he was smiling and giggling the whole time.  He asked for red frosting but luckily they only had pastel colors.  Otherwise, we would have had some pretty disgusting looking dyed teeth!  He loved placing the different color 'balls' on the cupcake As you can see, his favorite type of candy to put on was M&M's.  The best part?  Eating the cupcake!

I've got a fun activity planned for today so if it goes well, I'll be posting about it later!