It's getter warmer...

The moment the weather has started to get warmer, Eliel has been asking to go outside.  He's been dying to use his lawn mower again and play with sidewalk chalk.  I have been telling him that he  has to wait until the snow melts in order to use his lawn mower.  Well, the snow finally disappeared and so the past few days have been spent playing outside as much as possible. 

Although Eliel received a big wheel for his birthday, he was way more exited to take out his lawn mower.  A few of my neighbors laughed as he mowed the dead, snow packed grass.  He went up and down the lawn about three or four times before he decided to try out his big wheel. He still can't quite get the hang of peddling something yet but I'm sure that he will with a little more practice.  He had lots of fun watching all of our young neighbors fly around the block on their bikes.  He would yell "bike!" at them as they
drove by.  I think he actually scared of few of them! :)

Eliel also has a bucket of toy trucks in the screen porch that he loves to play with.  Our neighbor across the street gave them to him last summer and ever since, he's  been hooked on trucks.  Luckily, our porch is right outside of the kitchen so he can happily play in there while I cook dinner.  His latest 'trick' is hiding a truck and then running in to ask me 'where'd go?'  He thinks it's hilarious when I go to look for it and can't find it. 

Another warmer weather tradition in our house is waking up the bearded dragon, Rosalia.  Eliel affectionately calls her Rosie.  She hibernates all winter so to him, she's been quite boring.  But after some warm sunshine, she's ready to go.  So today, we gave her a nice warm bath and fed her some superworms.  Eliel is still excited to touch the worms while I'm more than happy to let him pick them up for me! 

I know the weather took a cooler turn today but here's hoping it doesn't stay this way!  Everyone in the house feels so much better with spring weather!