Yu Kids Island

Although the calendar says March, the weather has yet to cooperate.  So, that means that Eliel and I are still trying to find things to do indoors to keep busy (and tire him out!)  So, today one of our friends we met at the library and some park district classes invited us to go to Yu Kids Island in Woodfield to play.
We had never been here before because I sometimes cringe at the thought of going to some of these places but it wasn't too bad.  I can't honestly say we will be going back anytime soon, but it was fun for one morning.  It's an indoor play place made especially for little kids.  No kids over 48 inches are allowed which is nice because those kids usually bowl the little ones over. 
Everything is padded and the kids wear socks.  In addition to the typical slides and bounce house, they also have a few merry-go-round rides as well as a 'water bed' to jump on and a soft block play area.  The coolest part, and Eliel's favorite was the balloon cage.  We spent over an hour in there!  It's basically a small room with a bunch of fans and balloons.  I think I could easily create that at home with a few borrowed fans!  Anyway, it was worth it for one morning to see Eliel run around and have some fun.  He still doesn't really 'play' with other kids but at least now, he's starting to watch them.  He also is very picky about how to play with toys sometimes and will tell other kids how to play as well as to clean up when they're done!  It's very funny to watch. 

I couldn't help but capture a quick video of the balloon madness for your enjoyment!