Decorating Easter Eggs

Since he was an infant, Eliel has loved to eat eggs.  When he first started solids, we gave him mashed egg yolk and even now, he enjoys eating a hard boiled egg whole.  He's even starting to eat scrambled eggs (with lots of melted cheese!) once in a while.
So when it came to coloring Easter eggs, we figured I could hard boil quite a few as they would get eaten fairly quickly. Little did I know it would only take about 15 minutes to color a dozen eggs!

Eliel had a blast coloring eggs and only broke three in the process. Thank goodness they were already hard boiled.   Adam's mom found a really cool egg holder which Eliel was able to use really easily to help him lower the eggs in and out of the dyed water.  That didn't stop him from putting them in and out really fast though!  He was pretty amazed that he could put a white egg in the colored water and it would come out the same color.  We tried to work on mixing colors to make new ones (red and blue for purple, etc.) but Eliel did not like that as much.

 As you can see from the pictures, he really enjoyed coloring eggs this year.  Now we just have to work on eating them!