Easter morning

Just look at that smile!
We had been telling Eliel for a little over a week that he needed to behave because the Easter bunny was going to bring him a really big surprise if he was good.  Well, he was 'good enough' and the Easter bunny brought him a cozy coupe!  He had played with one at an indoor play land and really liked it so the Easter bunny thought it would be a good thing to bring him this spring.

He was extremely excited when he saw it and was soon 'driving' around the house.  It took him a while to get the hang of it outside but he's getting better.  He's a little slow in it but I'm sure he'll be zooming around the neighborhood this summer. Unfortunately it's supposed to rain all week so we won't be able to drive it this week.

The Easter bunny also brought him some sidewalk chalk, an R2D2 pez dispenser and some other little items but he really didn't care about that.  It was all about the 'red car' as he calls it!