Fun weekend

We had a wonderful, fun weekend doing nothing special but getting lots done! :)

One of Eliel's favorite things was 'waking up' the bug.  He's been asking for a few weeks when the bug was ready to wake up.  The bug had been having a few problems before we put it away for the winter so Adam wasn't even sure it was going to start up (which is why we had been waiting).  Luckily (and surprisingly!) the bug started right up and Eliel was elated.  Daddy took him for a quick ride around the block  Eliel was all smiles upon returning.  He keeps asking me to drive the bug but I keep trying to explain that only Daddy does! :)

Sunday morning we spent the entire morning at the park.  It had been supposed to rain all day but it turned out to be warm and sunny.  Eliel loves to go on the swings at the park so Daddy obliged him and gave him lots of underdogs.  As you can see in the video, Eliel's having lots of fun!

Sometimes, when Daddy pushes Eliel really high, it makes Mommy's heart jump.  Makes me think of this picture that's always circulating around the internet... :)