Hunting for Eggs

My first thought was to take Eliel somewhere to do an egg hunt.  But at the last minute, Adam thought it would be better for him to just do one in his own in the backyard; and he was probably right!

As many of you know, Eliel is a very polite little kid.  Sometimes too polite for his own good.  For instance, he'll wait in line for the slide at the playground and watch as kids push in front of him.  He'll keep on waiting until finally there is no one left to go or the kid behind him is polite enough to wait until he takes his turn.  Knowing that, it was probably better that we didn't go to a public egg hunt.  He probably wouldn't have gotten too many eggs! :)

Anyway, he was very excited to find the eggs that were hidden in the yard.  He didn't ask how they got there so we didn't have to make anything up...yet.  Although the weather was warmer, it was quite windy so we had trouble keeping the eggs in one place.  Eliel still had fun running all over and spotting the eggs and then calling them out by color.

Oh yeah. That's good.
He had even more fun opening the eggs later on.  Most were filled with coins but a few were filled with fun little toys and one was filled with a Cadbury creme egg.  He enjoyed eating that with Daddy right away!
Whoa!  Look at that chocolate!