Kohl Children's Museum

Eliel and I finally got to Kohl Children's Museum.  I've been wanting to take him for awhile but plans kept falling through.  I actually take Nugget there once a month with our Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy group to teach dog safety classes and work with special needs children so it was fun to be able to see the museum instead of being one of the attractions. 

As always, Eliel was nervous at first and did not want to play by himself.  Gradually though, he became more comfortable and started to enjoy himself.  The crane is one of the first things that made him smile!

We enjoyed playing with lots of different things like cars, trains, blocks, balls and even drums.  One of Eliel's favorite areas though was the water play station. 

After donning a plastic apron to keep his clothes somewhat dry, Eliel jumped right into playing in the water.  He loved watching the foam boats float, playing with the water pinwheels and 'fishing' the balls out of the water with a fishing net.  There were also water cannons, waterfalls and even pretend jellyfish (which really looked like octopi) Eliel enjoyed playing in the area for quite some time!  We will definitely be making a water table for him to play in this summer.

Fun with boats
Fishing for balls

After the water area, we headed over to the Whole Food store area which Eliel LOVED.  He already enjoys playing 'store' at home.  He will grab a paper or fabric bag, fill it up with things and then bring it to me and say 'have a nice day!'  It's too funny!  He also loves the stores that have the kid-sized carts like Trader Joe's.  Being that this was a very real looking pretend grocery store complete with cart, pretend food and checkout lanes, Eliel was in heaven.  We 'went  shopping' three times before we finally had to leave.  I think he would have stayed much longer had we let him.

All in all it was a fun morning.   But to be honest, I wasn't impressed with the museum.  I have a feeling it's because of two reasons.  One, I think Eliel might be a little too young for many of the exhibits.   Although the subject matter might appeal to him, the activities were a little too complicated to hold his interest.  Two, I think that my expectations are just too high!  Haha!  It's a really nice museum but for the price ($11 each) I feel like I can do way more things with him.  Maybe it's because he is exposed to so much already (or because I'm cheap).  I'm not really sure.  He said he had lots of fun though so that's all that counts!