For the Love of Trucks

This weekend we went to Mt. Prospect Public Works' Open House and Eliel was in heaven.  There were trucks everywhere!  I think Eliel's brain was on overload.

In addition to having all of their trucks out and accessible to the kids, they had fun activities for the kids to do like bean bag toss, a bounce house, and a duck pond game.  Although Eliel had fun doing these things, I think his favorites were riding the cherry picker and driving the backhoe!

If you know me well, then you know I hate heights, so needless to say, I did not go up in the cherry picker with Eliel.  That's what Daddies are for! 

View from the Top
Ready to go up!

They were even giving rides in the street cleaner but for some odd reason, Eliel was afraid of the street cleaner.  He wouldn't even sit in one that wasn't moving.  He did, however, get to drive a backhoe.  Check it out! Eliel drives a backhoe

We went there planning to spend an hour or so and ended up staying over two!  Eliel sat in just about every truck they had, some even twice!  I know where we'll be going again next year!

Checking out the excavator

Lovin' the garbage truck

Standing in the bulldozer

Hello?  Anyone there?

Oooo a lever!
Daddy and I in the HUGE bulldozer

Thumbs up!  This was awesome!