Toddler Bed

Well, the day Mommy was dreading has come.  Eliel is no longer sleeping in a crib.  We have now moved him to a toddler bed.  (Where did my baby go?)  He was still sleeping in his crib because he had not once tried to ever climb out of it. However, now that he's potty trained, it's kind of hard to expect him to go to the bathroom at night on his own when he can't get out of bed.  So, we decided it was time to give him some big boy privileges. 

I had half expected to spend a lot of time coaxing Eliel to stay in his bed now that he's able to get out, but he was such a good boy and did not try to leave once.  So far, he's slept in there two nights and three naps and he has yet to get out without Adam or I being in the room.

I think he has just about as much fun in the bed now even when he's not sleeping.  He likes to round up all of his stuff animals, pile them in his bed, grab a book and sit and read.  He's even asked a few times if he could go upstairs and lay in his 'new bed'. I'm so glad he likes it.  I know that eventually he will figure out that he can get up whenever he wants to.  I also know that it will be on the day Mommy and Daddy are most tired!