Butterflies at the Zoo

Although we go to the zoo quite often, our visit this past weekend was unique in that we saw some exhibits we don't normally see.  This time we went to the butterfly house which is obviously only around during the summer months.  Eliel loves seeing butterflies at home so we figured he would love being surrounded by them. 

At first, he was a bit nervous as they flew all over.  Once we showed him all of the ones that were landed on the flowers, however, he was more than happy to watch the all flit from one to another.  He's a very cautious kid and never once

tried to touch one, was careful not to step on any and let me know when I got too close to one.   After about twenty minutes though, he was eager to move on and see more animals.

Our next stop was the new 'Festival of Flight' show which showcased some interesting birds flying around the stage.  One bird flew within inches of Eliel's head.  It was very well done for kids as they introduced a bird, talked for a minute or two and then moved onto another bird.  Plus is was only about twenty minutes long which is a perfect length for fidgety kids!

We then walked towards the giraffes and stopped to listen to a zoo talk from one of the zookeepers. 
Eliel wasn't as interested as Daddy was so he and I moved onto the zebras and camels while Daddy finished listening.

Next, we took Eliel for a ride on the carousel.  He was quite excited and chose to ride on a zebra. It was funny to watch him try and find me in the crowd every time the carousel went around.  He could only do it about half of the time!

Finally, before heading home, Eliel wanted to see the monkeys so we headed to tropic world.  On the way out, we saw a peacock which he always love seeing.  As we were getting him in his wagon, the peacock decided it would be a perfect time to open its feathers and show us what he's got!  It was too funny!  He just stood right by the wagon and turned around about ten times showing off his plumes.  Eliel loved it as the feathers kept brushing up against him.  (And again, he never reached out once to touch them!) It was a great day! (As it always is with my boys!)