First Baseball Game

Eliel went to his first baseball game over the weekend.  My work held an outing at the Schaumburg Boomers so we all got to go and enjoy the game.  Eliel was in awe when we walked into the stadium.  To be honest, I was too!  I hadn't been to the stadium in a while and I had forgotten how nice it was!  There isn't a bad seat in the house, the workers are all extremely friendly, and the price is reasonable!

We sat just behind home plate so we had lots of action for Eliel to watch.  He loved to cheer when the catcher caught the ball after the pitcher threw it.  He got a few looks from some of the older kids in our group when he did that! :P  

Surprisingly, Eliel loved their mascot, Cooper.  As a child, I was always wary of people in costumes but Eliel was more than happy to give Cooper a high five!

Although the game was over 3 hours long, Eliel was able to entertain himself quite well.  As I said, there were other kids around so that helped a lot too.  I wasn't able to get a picture of the whole group but our marketing director did and posted it on Facebook if you want to see.

The best part of the game?  Running the bases afterwards!  It was quite cute to watch Eliel run around the entire baseball diamond but probably even funnier to watch the rest of the kids run past him.  I only caught him running from third base to home because I figured you'd be bored otherwise!  He really is too cute though!  I can definitely say we will be heading back to the Boomer's Stadium for some more summer fun!