Strawberry Picking

Eliel and I went strawberry picking to Stade's Farm with friends and were treated to a bumper crop!  Usually, when we go picking, it takes about an hour or two to fill up a five pound bucket.  This time, it took only a half hour.   We filled our bucket to the brim and Eliel ate his weight in strawberries.

He had a blast finding the red ones (his favorite color) amongst the green leaves and telling me to pick 'that one'.  After filling up our bucket, he was excited to be able to climb around on the combine.  All of the other kids were enjoying going down the slide but Eliel had a ball sitting in the drivers seat and playing with the steering wheel and all of the levers.

Even though we've been strawberry picking before, he was so much fun this year since he was able to help with the picking!  I'm sure it's only going to get more fun each year!