Boomers Baseball

We were treated to another Boomer's baseball game again this weekend.  This time it was a night game so in addition to being able to run the bases at the end of the night, we were also treated to some fireworks!

As always, before even leaving for the game, Eliel began to make connections to the last time we went to a baseball game.  He asked if they were going to play with a baseball.  Then he asked if he would get to eat hot dogs and drink soda.  Haha!  Apparently he remembered even more than just the game itself!
High-Five Coach!

We had great seats again, although I don't think there is bad seat in that stadium.  Eliel sat and watched the game for about three innings before he needed to get up and move.  I thought that was pretty good!  Between all of us there though, we were able to keep him busy enough.

Fireworks... with sunglasses on!
During the game, Papa bought him a hot dog and Uncle B bought him some cotton candy.  He enjoyed the hot dog but did not really like the cotton candy.  We also 'think' he enjoyed watching the fireworks at the end of the game but we can be sure.  He had a painful look on his face sometimes and insisted that he wear his sunglasses while watching the fireworks.  Oh well!

All in all it was a great family outing!

Running the bases
The next day, as we were lounging around upstairs, Eliel starts to throw the ball in a weird way tellin us it's 'how the pitcher does it'.  We quickly realized that he had been paying WAY more attention that we realized and that he was imitating the pitcher's windup before throwing the ball.  I just had to get it on video so you could all laugh along with us! (Please ignore the fact that Eliel's pants are falling down.  We can't find clothes to fit this kid!)