Downtown on the train

On Thursday, Uncle Brian invited E and I, Auntie Katie and my mom downtown to see where he works.  We took the train down and I think Eliel had more fun on the train than anything else! :)

After getting off the train we headed to Maggie Daley Park.  Adam and I had been there ice skating this past winter and I had seen its really fun looking playgrounds so I thought it would be fun to check out with Eliel. 

I love the flooring they have at this park.  It's a squishy sponge-like floor that I'm sure dries very quickly after a rain, doesn't get too hot, and is forgiving enough for when kids jump or fall onto it.  We have one park near us similar to this but this one was newer and nicer.  The park divided into different sections based on age.  But of course, Eliel wanted to go on the parts that were meant for older kids.  So, the three of us tried to corral, protect and coax him into areas that were somewhat less crowded.

Luckily, he found a slide that was age appropriate in the big kids section and went up and down it about twenty times.  They also had sections with large pirate boats which were fun to play on as well. 

They also had a fun section called the 'enchanted forest' which was filled with little side 'hikes' for kids to walk through made of sawed logs.  Eliel had lots of fun doing this and walking through the trees.  It was kind of cool to see this wide open park with the skyline in the background. 

After playing, we went and had lunch with Uncle Brian and then headed back to the train.  Again, Eliel had more fun on that than probably the rest of the day but that's one of the reasons we went down anyway!