Water Weekend

With the weather being hot this past weekend, we decided it was a good weekend for some water fun!  Up until now, Eliel has only been swimming at swim school this summer due to the cool weather.  With the hot weather, it was a perfect opportunity to take him somewhere.
We ended up going to my aunt's pool.  She graciously allowed us to come over and let Eliel swim.  Unfortunately, our swim time (and visiting time) was quite short.

After arriving at the pool, Eliel was excited to get in.  Upon stepping in the water, however, he decided otherwise.  I never thought of it but he's used to getting in the pool water at swim school that is kept at a balmy 90 degrees.  This pool water was warm, but obviously not that warm.  So, he was quite reluctant, (okay downright emphatic) about not getting in the pool because it was too cold.  Even though my cousin's kids were jumping and splashing around, they couldn't quite get him to want to join in the fun.  Then, we encountered another problem.  Eliel had an upset stomach.  He had been complaining that his stomach was itchy before we left but we figured his swimsuit was just bothering him or something.  Well, what he was actually trying to say was that his stomach hurt.  Needless to say it cut our swimming very short and made for a not so pleasant experience for Eliel (and Mommy).  Hopefully he'll want to go swimming again at my aunt's though! :)

Since swimming on Saturday wasn't too successful, we decided to try again on Sunday with something on a smaller scale.  Eliel was feeling better so we filled up the pool in our backyard and let him play in that.  He played outside in it for almost and hour and half filling up buckets, scooping water out of the pool and driving his trucks around in the water.  We were surprised because the pool water was very cold because we filled it up with the hose just a few minutes before we got in.  Didn't seem to bother him this time!

Hopefully we'll have some more warm weekends so we can try swimming in a bigger pool soon!