Botanic Gardens

This weekend we had visitors in from our of town (actually more like out of the country) so we decided to visit the Botanic Gardens.  I had only been here a few times with school and never in the middle of summer so it was a nice place to finally visit. 
Adam's uncle and cousin are visiting from Germany so this was a perfect opportunity for everyone to get together, visit and see some amazing gardens.  It made my little gardens are home look so sad.  If I had more energy it would have inspired me to fix mine up.  Lucky for my finances, I had so such energy today and since the weather wasn't cooperating, I think we're in the clear!
 The gardens are divided by kinds and some of my favorite are the naturalized gardens.  I love how the plants spread on their own, fill up the gaps and the color seems to be endless.  Eliel's favorite part was watching anything that had to do with water; the fountains, the waterfalls, and the fish.  He did like the flowers, and I bet you can guess which color flower was his favorite!
There's not much else to tell you about our little adventure other than to say if you've never been to the Botanic Gardens, you should check it out for yourself.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!  There is something there for everyone.  We brought a picnic lunch but they had many places to eat.  It's a great place for all ages to explore.