Lakehouse Vacation

We spent about five days up in Tomah, Wisconsin at a cabin on a private lake.  We went up there with Adam's parents as well as his uncle and cousin from Germany. 
Our cabin was one of four on a small lake.  Each cabin had it's own rowboat, paddleboat and dock.  There was also a shared water trampoline in the center of the lake which made for great fun!  Eliel's favorite part was the sand beaches.  He could have spent hours using his trucks to dig up the sand and pour it into another waiting dump truck.  Most of us swam in the lake except for Eliel.  He had no desire to and we didn't want to force him.  He did, however enjoy swimming in the 'hot pool'. 

We were lucky enough to have an 8 person hot tub in our cabin and so when the weather turned cold and rainy for a few days, it was a welcomed diversion.  We turned it down as low as it would go and Eliel had a ball jumping, playing and floating all around.  Others enjoyed it too but not as much as Eliel!

One of the highlights of the trip was being able to fish right off the pier at the back of the house.  I had only been fishing once in my life when I was in grade school but Eliel goes frequently with Papa Paul so he was quite experienced!  He caught a fish on his first try and pretty much every time thereafter as well.  He was even able to reel in a few of his own fish!  Mommy had beginner's luck and once I got the hang of it, caught a lot of bluegill fish.  After a few hours, I
even got brave enough to take them off the hook.  I wasn't quite as brave with putting the squirming worms on the hook though.  My problem was solved by using one of Adam's Dad's lures.  It was meant to catch bass and although I wasn't as lucky with bass as bluegill, I did manage to catch a few.  My only problem, I wasn't as keen about taking the bass off the hook as the bluegill.  Those large mouths are a little more intimidating!

We also took a short side trip to visit a nearby state park.  It was called Mill Bluff and although the bluffs were pretty, we were a little underwhelmed by the hiking within the park.  We weren't expecting much considering it was a state park in the middle of Wisconsin but we were expecting some better views based on reviews we had found online.  I'm sure it didn't help that it was a cool, cloudy day but the two miles hikes were even less exciting than a walk through our local forest preserve.  The plus side?  We all got some exercise walking up and down the bluffs!

Unfortunately we were plagued with a lot of rain and chilly weather during our vacation so we had to do a lot of indoor All in all we had a great vacation.  Eliel still thinks the cabin we stayed at it called 'vacation' and when we ask if he wants to go back on vacation sometime, he says no.  Guess he had enough of that place!  Looking forward to finding a new place to explore on our next adventure! Below are some additional pictures to enjoy!