Thomas the Tank Engine

Thanks to a gift from my mom's cousin, Eliel had the opportunity to see Thomas the Tank Engine this weekend at the Illinois Railway Museum. Although Eliel loved going on the train ride, I think he was more impressed with other railway cars that were there on permanent display.

Our ride on Thomas was fun but unfortunately, besides the fact that Thomas is pulling the train,
there's nothing else special about the ride.  (And actually Thomas isn't pulling the train but a diesel engine was at the back of the train pushing it!) We couldn't see Thomas while on the train but Eliel had a blast watching him pull the train throughout the rest of the day.

We had lots more fun riding real street cars around the outdoor museum as well as walking through the different barns and enjoying the different eras of trains.  There were some Pullman trains that were actually open so that you could walk through them.  Eliel was impressed with the dining car complete with a full size kitchen.  He was also impressed with the sleeping cars. Perhaps one day we'll need to take a vacation by train instead of plane!

I'm on the caboose!

In addition to seeing all the trains, Eliel was treated to a Thomas tattoo which he LOVED.  We all had a blast and are thankful we were able to have this experience!