2 1/2 years old

Eliel recently turned 2.5 at the end of August but I've been waiting to post about it until we had our pediatrician visit. 
Eliel weighed in at a whopping 25 pounds!  That puts in him in the ninth percentile meaning he's only bigger than 9 percent of the kids his age.  He' is 34 inches tall and that only puts him in the twelfth percentile for his age.  We knew he wasn't a big kid but didn't realize he was that tiny!  The doctor said he is perfectly fine though and he just won't be a big kid.  Sorry Papa, don't think he'll be playing football ever. :)

Everything else checked out fine at the doctor and luckily this time we didn't have to get any shots! We did get a big Thomas the Train sticker from the doctor for being so good so that was a plus!
At 2.5, Eliel has an amazing vocabulary.  He is like a sponge so be careful what you say around him!  He generally speaks in full sentences that just about everyone can understand.  He doesn't watch much tv but when he does, he picks up lots of new vocabulary from the shows he watches.  He generally watches truck or train movies so he knows a lots of vocabulary from those topics such as compactor and conveyor belt just to name a few.  He also knows how to correctly transfer all of his new vocabulary to a different situation. It's quite amazing for a kid who at two years old could barely talk.  I'll try and get some videos of him talking so that you can see for yourself.

Eliel is quite attached to Mommy which is understandable since I'm with him so much.  We're working on signing him up for some independent classes this school year so he can learn how to deal in situations without mommy around.  Right now, his is in a swim class at Chicago Swim School that transitions him from being with an adult in the water to being by himself.  Our next class will be one at the park district that is sort of like a pre preschool where by the end, Mommy will not attend with him.  Eliel is somewhat social with other kids when we're at the park but since he is still young, he doesn't quite know how to engage other kids.  He spends a lot of time watching other kids (which is actually what he's done since he was an infant!)  I'm sure he'll learn as he gets older though.

Eliel is a very active kid and has gone from walking at eleven months to literally jumping and running around the house now. He couldn't quite jump at two but now that he has figured it out, he jumps all the time.  He can stand on one foot and even sometimes jumps on one foot.  He's a pretty amazing 2.5 year old (although I'm a little biased!)