1st trip to the dentist

Eliel had his first trip to the dentist yesterday.  I was a littler nervous that it would result in some crying but surprisingly, he was quite intrigued with it. 

Mommy went first and got her teeth cleaned and polished while Eliel waited and watched.  Then, it was Eliel's turn.  He was quite excited to climb up into the big chair.  He was even more excited that he got to pick a toothbrush if he let them look at his teeth. Not only did he let them look at his teeth but he let them polish them too!  He picked bubblegum flavor and said it tasted 'yummy'.
Luckily, we had no cavities and the dentist said that his teeth look great.  Eliel has all of his molars and there's plenty of room for larger teeth when they start to come in around 5 or 6 years old.  So good to hear!  Now we just have to hope he doesn't need braces or Mommy will have to pick up an extra day of work for that!