A new cousin!

We're so excited to announce that we have a new baby cousin!  Jacob Christopher was born on Tuesday, October 20th, just before 7pm at 8 pounds, 21 inches long. Mom, Dad and Jacob are all doing well and adjusting to their new life.
I went that night to go meet my nephew for the first time while Daddy stayed home with Eliel who was already asleep.  It was so amazing to see my sister and brother-in-law as parents.  I just know they're going to do a great job.  
The following day, we all met Auntie Katie & Uncle Brian at the hospital for a picnic sushi lunch. Auntie Katie had been craving it throughout the pregnancy and now that she was able to eat it, should couldn't wait any longer!  Daddy also came during his lunch hour and joined us in the picnic.
Eliel was actually quite scared of baby Jacob at first.  He was reluctant to go anywhere near him and did not want to hold him.  Oh well.  Maybe when we see Jacob next at his house Eliel will feel more comfortable.  We did get him to eventually play with Jacob's toes and he thought that was pretty funny.  By the time we left, we also got him to give baby Jacob a kiss goodbye.  So sweet! I just know they're going to be playing together like crazy in a year or two!