Fire Station Open House

On Saturday we visited our local fire station for their annual open house. Eliel absolutely loves firetrucks and is amazed every time we see one. The fire station open house offers a chance to go and sit in each vehicle, see where the firemen live and sleep, free popcorn, fire hats and stickers and even firemen repelling down ropes hung from the firetruck ladder. 
Eliel, true to form, was again nervous to go in any truck at first.  We walked around the entire house one full time before he got up the courage to go and sit in the ambulance.  He did head right to the table where they were handing out fireman hats though!
Once he sat in the ambulance, he decided he wanted to go back through all of the trucks and sit in them all.
He also decided to go into the smoke house and listen to the fireman's demonstration of smoke detectors.  I think he really just wanted to 'practice' climbing out of the window though!

We're so lucky that our city has such wonderful events like this one!