Zoo Adventure

I'm a little late in getting this written but this past weekend we headed to the zoo again with Daddy to check out their newest section Hamil Family Wild Encounters.  It's been open since midsummer but we had been waiting to check it out until Daddy could go with us.

His 'cheeeeese' smile needs some work!
For those of you who have been to the zoo before, this new section is what was formally the children's petting zoo.  It's all redone and quite nice!  The main idea behind this new part is interaction with the animals.  So, many of the exhibits are hands on and let you touch or get very close to the animals.  Our first stop was the wallaby walk.  As you walk down the path, the wallabies are minding their own business but are free to interact with you if they choose.  Eliel was a little bit nervous of them not being in cages and kept asking where the cages were! 

Our next stop was to see and feed the goats.  We didn't actually go into the enclosure because the goats were happier to be fed through the fence.  Plus, the pretty much try to eat anything you bring in so we figured we would have more fun outside the area anyway.  Eliel warmed up to them pretty quickly and enjoyed giving them some feed.  He asked if we were feeding them Nugget's food because it looked just like his kibble.  He got a kick out them them licking the feed off of his hands so quickly!

So many birds, Mom!
After the goats we decided to go and see the parakeet aviary.  Grandma Joanne would not have liked this area at all.  There were a few hundred parakeets flying free all over the place.  Eliel was again a little bit cautious himself.  He enjoyed watching the parakeets but had no desire to let them land on him or try and pet them. Adam had a parakeet while growing up so he's been bit before too and had no desire to let one land on him either.  :)  All in all the Hamil Family Wild Encounter was a fun diversion from the rest of the zoo!  They even had reindeer, llamas and red pandas to view, although you couldn't 'pet' those animals.  They are also supposedly getting emus to roam around with the wallabies so that should be exciting to see next time!

After out wild encounter, we spent some more time at the zoo seeing what animals were around and awake.  We were treated to very close encounter with a snow leopard who is usually sleeping when we see him. Eliel thought it was very cool at first but as you can see from one of the pictures, even though there was a very thick glass between boy and beast, he was a little leery about being so close to such a big cat!
Whoa!  You stay over there buddy...

 No matter how many times we go to the zoo, we always have a blast and find something new to do and see!  It's one of the best memberships we have!